Post Operation Instructions

After surgery, please download the appropriate post-op care information for your type of surgery. These instructions are critical in ensuring your surgery is a success.

Drain Care and Medication Worksheetdownload

Breast Reconstruction
Post-op Discharge Instructions

DIEP – download
Direct To Implant – download
Goldilocks – download
Implant Placement After Tissue Expansion – download
Latissimus Flap with Tissue Expanders – download
Latissimus Flap without Tissue Expanders – download
Nipple Areolar – download
Nipple Tattoo – download
Oncoplastic Reduction – download
Tissue Expansion – download

Cosmetic Post-op Discharge Instructions

Abdominoplasty – download
Blepharoplasty – download
Breast Augmentation – download
Breast Lift – download
Breast Reduction – download
Brow Lift – download
Face Lift – download
Fat Transfer – download
Liposuction – download
Macs – download
Neck Lift – download